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Quality & Fitting

No excuses: 100% Quality!

It´s that simple: Only garments that meet our high demands will find their way to our customers!

Here at Fleischleibchen, we are wearing t-shirts by conviction. That´s why we only use selected garments from top brands for our designs.

We don´t rely on the manufactorer's marketing paroles though. Our t-shirts of choice have been tested to the bone by ourselves. Heavy nights at the local pub, endless ska-punk concerts or night-long design sessions in front of our computers - each garment which wants to become a real Fleischleibchen has to withstand the toughest exams and abuses - including some spills of beer...

Right after passing the "outdoor test phase", each garment is heading to the next torture: it's time for some serious rounds inside the waching machine at high spin speeds. If quality and fit are still on top after this treatments, the garment is ready to become a real Fleischleibchen...!

These renownded brands have passed our testing:

  • B&C
  • nakedshirt
  • Continental
  • Sol's
  • Hanes
  • James&Nicholson
  • Fruit of the Loom
  • NewWave
  • Russell
  • Stedman


The range of blank t-shirts available on the market is like fish in the sea. To be called "premium", our t-shirts have to meet the following attributes:

  • 100% cotton single jersey, rib knit ore interlock rib knit
  • Standard weight 190g or higher
  • Collar with elastic neckband for highest comfort
  • Double-stiched sleeve hem
  • Double-stiched garment hem
  • No side seams

Perfect Fit: You'll only like it if it fits!

Too small, too big, too long...?! No way!
We don't want to compromise on fit and comfort of your favourite Fleischleibchen. If you feel good, we'll feel good - it's that simple.

The right choice of size

If not especially marked, the sizing of our garments is according to international standards. If it´s called a "Large", it is a "Large"! Items featuring a non-standard fit are marked as follows:


You should have a crunchy body or little apetite. SLIM-FIT styles are tight and ruthlessly reveal all culinary sins.


It´s not as skinny as SLIM-FIT but still straight on your body. If you are not sure which size to choose - take the next bigger one.


Heavely trendy! LONG-CUT´s are longer than standard styles and reach way beyond the belt-line.

Important Information:

Your Fleischleibchen needs company! Fleischleibchen are complex and sensitive textiles. We carefully raise them in an appropriate environment together with fellow shirts of theri kind. So please do your brand new Fleischleibchen a favour and buy other Fleischleibchens too. Your wardrobe will be filled with joy and your Fleischleibchens will express their pleasure...!

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